Can business delete google review?

Can business delete google review?

The Local Reviews feature allows you to invite your reviewers on various websites for them to give feedback, including Google. You cannot take down Google reviewers if you are a business owner. However, you can instead report them as unsuitable as a reporting choice that the Google service team will take action on.

Additionally, some ways you can go about it are detailed in the following text. Let’s say you’ve removed the review from your list as indecent, but you’ve yet to experience any other way to do it. You might have marked the study multiple times but have yet to be successful. You might have also replied to the examiner, but he still needs to write you a response. If it’s your business, this could be the case in the event of possible defamation of you or your trademark, which is not legal within the United States. Before you dive into marking the Google review as unsuitable, please look at the following reasons why it’s acceptable to write negative reviews on your site.


Sometimes, they benefit your business and do not harm it. Consider that only some clients will be pleased with your goods or services and that Google’s negative reviews are a part of the reality of business. If you’ve made a mistake, that is honest. It’s best practice to reply to the negative review by offering a solution. So, those who look up your business on Google will see that you’re willing to help if your customers are happier.

If satisfied customers have been requested to leave a review, they’ll. To report an illegal review, visit the removal tool for content and choose Google My Business. On the following pages, Google will inquire about the rating and your concerns regarding its particular content. Although customers can control the content they share on their review pages, businesses need help to control what they post. Before diving into the essentials, let’s consider whether it’s necessary to delete Google reviews. The experience of past customers is crucial to potential customers, and Google reviews can help you gain new customers and create an image of excellence. Google My Business reviews are available for anyone with a Gmail account who can write a review about your company.

What is the best time to remove an unfavourable review?

It is generally impossible to remove any negative review for no reason. However, in some specific circumstances, you might be able to remove the check from your company list:
Since the notice was published, there was an ownership change and the establishment’s name: You can delete the information and create one from scratch. However, you’ll need more natural references.
There was an ownership change, but the establishment still has its name and telephone number; for instance: You must contact the Google teams and show the change in ownership to get the notice removed. The process can be tedious and does not guarantee.
This notice is inappropriate, and you should be the first to report it: Google teams will review the information, which could take a few days.

Reviewing a review

Before you write a review, ensure that an inappropriate review isn’t in line with Google’s rules, not one you don’t agree with or do not like. Google doesn’t take sides between a retailer and a buyer who disagrees on an issue. Check out the policy before making a post.

To submit the results of a computer :
Log into Google My Business
If you own multiple establishments, you can click on the one you want to be notified of in the notification (1)
Select “Notices” on the left menu
Look up the notice that you want to make a report. Click on the menu with three points and then select “Report as indecent” To report notifications from a mobile phone
Start the Google My Business application
Go to “Manage notifications”
Find the notice you want to file, and then click it.
Make sure you click on three tiny dots located at the top right-hand corner of the display Select “Report the review” if a notice is against Google’s guidelines, there are times when more than one report is needed to prevent a statement from disappearing. More than one report needs to be filed.

Reacting to negative feedback

Instead of trying to remove the notice, consider the importance of responding. This could be a chance to make amends with the dissatisfied customer or to demonstrate to potential customers of your business that you are paying attention.
84% of people are influenced by online reviews, just as they trust recommendations from family and friends to go to an establishment!
90% of people go through more than ten reviews before deciding on the local establishment. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to be informed of the most recent reviews that have been posted about your establishment.


Google reviews are critical and can affect the results of your search. In addition, the responses provide another advantage – you can request that your reviewers who have negative reviews modify their reviews. Have you solved their issue, or were they able to confuse your company with another? If so, inform them and politely request them to amend or delete their review.

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