How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch?

How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch?

Tennis bracelets are made of diamonds or other valuable stones set into a slim band. The term tennis bracelet since was first worn by the famous tennis athlete Chris Evert during a match in 1987. Her diamond bracelet broke, and she was forced to stop the game to locate the clasp. The name stuck, which is why it is now a common sight to see tennis bracelets used by women worldwide to show sophistication and class.
Tennis Bracelets are often worn with formal wear, but they are also a great accessory with casual attire. If you want to learn how to wear your tennis bracelet while wearing watches, keep reading for some suggestions.
The first thing to consider is the hue of your watch’s color. If you own a gold watch, you should look for a bracelet made of tennis with gold settings. The settings will match the eye well for silver, platinum, or sterling watches. Also, you can look for bracelets that have colored stones to will match the hue of the dial.

How do you put on a tennis bracelet?

The tennis bracelet is a great accessory be a trendy and fun accessory on any look. But, it’s essential to understand how to wear it properly to ensure it stays put and looks attractive. You must apply the watch first. Be sure it’s the correct size and comfortable for your wrist. Then, you can put it on your tennis bracelet. Ensure the clasp is tightened correctly; however, it should be tight enough. Ensure the bracelet is placed in a way that doesn’t interfere with your watch’s reading. So there you go, your perfect tennis wristband!

How to wear a Tennis bracelet and watch

The most appropriate method to wear your bracelet is to put it on as the piece closest to your wrist, with any watch positioned slightly higher up your wrist. Highlight the steps to follow for wearing your tennis bracelet when you wear an accessory watch
Please verify the size of the eye and ensure that it fits well on your wrist before wearing the band
The clasp on your bracelet should be placed in a place that you are comfortable with. However, it should be okay with the time reading from your watch.
Place the bracelet in a way that does not block or hinder the motion of your arms.

Your watch is scratched.

The scratching of your watch by the brilliant diamonds on your tennis watch could happen. This can affect the look of your eye and the worth of your watch should you decide to sell it. Therefore, there may be better choices than wearing a tennis bracelet in the same way as the hard-metal watch.

Losing stones

Friction between your watch and your tennis bracelet could result in losing stones off your bracelet. If you wear your look on the same wrist as your necklace, stay clear of friction by considering each piece’s positioning to prevent damage to the jewelry pieces you own.

Create a symmetrical appearance

Making sure that your appearance is symmetrical is crucial. For instance, if you prefer to wear only one bracelet, do not wear it near your watch. It is best to wear it on your opposite wrist. Imagine your wrists as an instrument. Each should be balanced using an equal number of pieces of jewellery.
However, when wearing multiple bracelets, place a few on either edge of your watch to balance the appearance. Ensure the tennis bracelet is tight enough and can be comfortably worn around your wrist. Make sure it is positioned beneath the clock.


You must ensure that the size of your bracelet isn’t overwhelming your wristwatch with regards to the size. You want an overall balanced look. Make sure your wristwatches and bracelets appear similar in size or any other way. You want the most balanced design can be achieved. If you are wearing a heavy wristwatch, you’ll require a larger bracelet.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of tennis bracelets, you’ll be happy to learn that these bracelets can be worn comfortably with watches, regardless of what material the bracelet or watch is constructed of. No matter the material or appearance of your bracelet and watch, diamond tennis bracelets could be a fantastic investment that you can wear daily.

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