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We’ve started accepting guest blog posts in recent months. If you’re an author and want to write for us, this page is the place for you. We are a group of passionate writers with decades of experience in this particular field. We appreciate good blog articles written specifically for us. If you’re a skilled writer and have written about a specific area, we’d love to talk to you to write blogs for us.

Categories for Guest Blog POSTING

We have a vast list of categories to help you select the one you write about. This is the complete list of types that we will allow guest posts on. If you’ve got a specific category idea, please inform us about it, and we’ll create a new category if it is appropriate.

  • “Write for us” + Health
  • “Write for us” + Digital Marketing
  • “Write for us” + Affiliate Marketing
  • “Write for us” + Computer & Tech
  • “Write for us” + Automobile
  • “Write for us” + Web Designing
  • “Write for us” + Outdoor
  • “Write for us” + Sports
  • “Write for us” + Fashion
  • “Write for us” + Film & Movies
  • “Write for us” + Cyber Security
  • “Write for us” + Car Finance
  • “Write for us” + Marketing and Business
  • “Write for us” + Home Improvement
  • “Write for us” + Self-improvement
  • “Write for us” + Real Estate

Qualification Requirements

We don’t want you to sacrifice on the product’s quality due to quantity, so our guidelines have been designed to be a good fit:

  • The content must be at least 800 words and contain sufficient information. We’ll be happy to publish your work if you can compose an extensive piece of content with more than 1,000 words. The longer your article is, the more detailed the content.
  • The content must have been written using English since our readers will appreciate reading it first.
  • Content not a victim of plagiarism is the most sought-after; therefore, don’t send us a copy of your content. Our editors will be able to spot it right away. In addition, no one likes having to read the same content everywhere in the world.
  • Create an article that’s easy to read and comprehend and must be enjoyable. The reader will be for the entire time until they reach the end.
  • The next step is creating a structure. The content must be structured with subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs. Its content organized is easy to comprehend and navigate, regardless of whether readers prefer scrolling down.

Link Requirements and Policies:

We’ve taken the safer route with the introduction of a link-requirement policy. The reason for this is to avoid spammy websites that may harm the website’s credibility. These guidelines are recommended:

  • The blog’s content must contain at least one internal link to your blog to allow the information to be easily accessible.
  • There is a possibility to add links in the article that can enhance the content. Even if they’re linked to a different site, you need to make sure it’s a top website.
  • We don’t accept articles with hyperlinks that are not from the perspective or author. If we discover any links or pieces that contain links, they could be deleted or changed; the report will be removed.
  • You can create a hyperlink that directs the user to your website’s pages.
  • The blog we’ve created has an Author Bio. So remember to provide us with a detailed bio, name, and photo. So you’ll be able to prove the authenticity of the blog.
  • The comment section of the blog isn’t working!

Photo Requirement

There is no requirement to upload images onto the post, but If you own an idea you want to share, you can upload pictures to the blog. The acceptable size of images is 800×800.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we will also consider videos that incorporate blogs. It is also possible to include hyperlinks that are embedded elsewhere within your videos. If you’ve come up with a fantastic style video, Please send it to us.

If you choose the image, ensure that you’re permitted to download it from the platform or refer to the source.

Send a Guest Blog Submission Now

If you’re ready to write your essay, we encourage you to submit your post for publication on our site. There are two ways to send your guest post to us. 1.) Contact us using the contact form on our website. 2.) Complete the request form and include your article in the email.